If you are interested in Birding West New Guinea Birds, Papuan culture tour, wild life, jungle experience tours and expeditions, or finance for educate Birsing photography talk to us! We are a group of local tour guides in central Papua with extensive experience and knowledge about birding in the Baliem Valley, Lorentz Park, Nimbokrang birding, Arfak foothills, Sorong (Klasuat), Raja Ampat, Walace, Key islands, Tongkoko birding. We would like to assist you experience Birding and enjoy staying with us with its harmony with the wonderful Papuan nature. We offer tailor made birding trip. If you are interested, here we guarantee that the detailed itineraries and prices are also prepared upon your request. Additionally, if you want to book your tour and reservation, just call at our business phone number +62 81247628708 or send the email at: papuabirding@yahoo.com