Bird Photography

Among all birding destinations in the World, Papua New Guinea surely ranks as the topmost, extraordinary, rewarding and exotic. It is one of the least explored parts of the World, where rules of evolution have gone wild. Papua New Guinea , Popularly knows as “PNG” is home for celestial Birds of Paradises, “poisonous “ Pitohuis, amazing Fruit Doves, unbelievable Kingfishers, Satin birds and many more . We are expected to see displaying Raggiana Bird of Paradise and Growling Riffle Bird in Varirata national Park and Lesser, Blue , Superb, King of Saxony, Sicklebills , Ribbon-tailed Astrapia BOPs in Mt Hagen area. Our 6 nights -7 days long, non-stop Bird Photography tour will surely push the photographer in you to the next level. We will be staying 3 nights in the famous Kumul Lodge, located in the mountainous Enga province – probably the only place in the World, where one can photograph Bird of paradises on a feeding table while sipping your coffee at the comfort of your resort.

Tour Starting point : Mt Hagan Airport

Tour Ending Point : Port Moserby Airport. More info, click “Tour Brochure”

Tour Brochure