Thanks for choosing to experience Lorentz Park

Thanks for choosing to experience Lorentz Park

Key Information                 :  Start & ends in Wamena airport

Tour Duration                      :  8 days / 7Nights
Group Size/Max                   :  1-6 people
Destination(s)                      :  Lorentz Park
Special Categories              :  Expedition, Rain forest-Muddy, Challenge ***

Season                                    :  Flexible
Departure                             :  Day 9 ( Departure Wamena airport
Contract rates                      : 000 US$ – per person




Per person cost

6 Persons. Lorenz park birding

Papua, Lorenz park birding

75 % Deposit payment

000 US$

Total 6 persons

Planned Itinerary     :

Into the Lorenz National Park forest:

8 days / 7Nights birding in Habema Lake, ends route for Trikora, heading down to Ibele valley – Ends in Wamena town

 Day 1


On arrival in Wamena, you will check in any hotel. Organize Permits, and half day of birding in Napua Waterfall spot birding. And our Jungle Chef will go shopping for our birding trip to Habema-lorenz Park rain forest-Final preparation.

 Day 2 Wamena-Pondok 3 (Into the high Level from the Sea) 3000 m SL

You will wake up, Packing, and Breakfast at hotel. At: 8:00 am. Heading to Habema Lake. Two hours full speed up to Habema Lake. It is cold. You need jacket to cover up.  Walk into the forest, down to the river, and Settle the Tent.

Expected birds to see:

You will stop during the driving to spot some birds such as. Island Thrush & Alpine Pipit will commonly seen, Orange-billed Lorikeet flying across the driving, Painted Tiger-Parrot, Lorentz’s Whistler, Hooded Cuckoo-Shrikes, New Guinea Thornbill, Black Sitella, Mountain, Black-throated and White-winged Robins, and Grey-streaked honeyeater. We will camp at 3.300 and do daily birding from the camp site. During this 2 days birding, we will sufficiently allocate our energy to search for the snow mountain specialties, such as: Snow Mountain Quail, Short-bearded Melidectes, Orange-cheecked Honeyeater, Papuan Whipbird, Snow-mountain Munia, Lorentz’s Whistler, Splendid Astrapia, Brown Sicklebill, Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, Macgregor’s Bird of Paradise Salvadori’s Teal, Painted & Brehm’s Tiger-Parrot, Red-breasted Pygmy-Parrot, Crested Berrypecker, Rufous Woodcock, Stout-billed Cuckoo-shrike, Papuan, Large & Buff-faced Srcub-wren, Lesser & Greater Ground-Robin, Mountain & White-winged Robin, Black Sittella, Western Alpine Mannikin, New Guinea Thornbill, Blue-caped Ifrit, Belford’s & Sooty Melidectes.

 Day 3-Day 5 (Two ways)

(Heading down to Mr. Mac Valley, Walk up to Wamera cave. More deeper to under the Mount Trikora (Snow mountain)

To find out & see the King of Saxony BoP, Mcgreor´s Honeyeater, western crested berrypecker, tit berrypecker, watteled ploughbill, carola´s parotia, splendid astrapia, black and brown sicklebill, superb bop, short-tailed paradigalla, crested satinbird, loria´s satinbird, jewel-babblers, stella´s lorikeet and others (Full day birding in Habema Lake, down the valley, up hills of that covered by ticked humus, and dry trees.

 Day 6.

You will head down through the Forest to Ibele. This is wild rain forest. Stay overnight in the forest. Along the way, you will see & meet many endemic birds like mentioned in Day 1, or may be New Birds.

Day 7

Forest-Ibele Upper More down to the deep Valley, you will meet low land 2000mt SL.

Day 8

Ibele-Wamena (ends).

@These spots are to see the new highland Birds.

In Brief

Lorents Park (Snow Mountain Birding)

Day 1: Jayapura-Wamena-Pondok 3

Day 2: Trekking from Pondok Tiga to Mount Trikora, night at cave camp.

Day 3: trekking to Snow Mountain Robin. Walk back to Pondok Tiga.

Day 4: Birding the upper part of the Ibele trail.

Day 5: Walk down to Yabogima.

Day 6: Birding Yabogima for King of Saxony Bird-of-paradise.

Day 7: Walk back to Pondok Tiga.

Day 8: Birding the upper part of Ibele trail & lower elevation along access 

             road. Car service from Lorentz Park-Hotel-ends!

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