I am Big Mac. I am Papuans. We act as as Papua Tourism resource Online info for any body who need our help then we could provide travel booking services and we specialize in escorted eco trails,treks,birding tours and snorkeling to Papua. We pride ourselves on our flexibility in arranging tours to meet your individual needs.

Our Team arranges treks carefully designed to take you to exotic destinations in the whole Papua East Indonesia. Our treks offer stunning scenery, contact with local people and the opportunity to explore unique traditional cultures. Our trips are designed for everyone and our clients belong to all age groups and level of experience.


We are locally based on Jayapura-Sentani, Papua , and we personally with our team operate each trip to ensure a reasonable cost and best value. Your safety, comfort and satisfaction are uppermost in our mind. We look forward to your holiday with us Papua Birds  Watching to be a memorable one.  



Hours of Operation 08.00am – 05.00pm

Out of office hours Please call +62 81247628708 (18 hours)

Address Jl. Komba, Perumahan Joko Indah, Block H14, Jayapura-Papua-Indonesia

More info :

Mobile: +62-8124-762-8708

E-mail: birdingpapua@gmail.com / trekpapua@gmail.com


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